Final Wing meeting

This past Monday we had our last wing meeting, but it was no ordinary wing meeting. After going over all the official business, we took a look at the how well do you know your wing board questions. Before hand each person answered the questions for themselves and then what they think each person on the […]

Wing Dinner

Last Night was a good all wing dinner. Next week finals are picking up, every one will be busy so the timing was perfect. Thank to those who had extra meals to use on those who aren’t on the meal plan to swipe into Bridgeway. Having that last chance with our graduating seniors to enjoy there company together […]

Friday Night Pizza and Memes

When Dominos has half of pizza you know college students will take advantage of that. That’s what we did on ground floor this last Friday. Ordering multiple large pizzas we hung out and tried a new game, What Do You Meme. Thanks to those from ground floor and those around the hall who also joined […]

University Symphony Orchestra and Wind Chamber Music

On a Friday night some nice relaxing music helps keep the mind of homework and the stress of life. Congrats to the university’s music departments orchestra and wind ensembles. They did a great job creating such wonderful music. Thanks to Richie for attending the concert with me and enjoying the atmosphere and relaxation.

Logic Puzzles

How do you think? Not every one thinks the same way, one way to see this is by trying to tackle a logic puzzles. As a wing we did this, thanks Rob and Jacob for providing them. Sitting around trying to solve different puzzles, tackling problems in different ways you learn more about how you think […]

Waffles with a Professor

Thank you to K-12 house for hosting waffles with a professor. Special thanks to Dale Henze for coming and hanging out with us. It was a fun time hearing stories and having questions answered by someone who has experienced many of the things well be going into. Kody and I from ground floor made had […]

How well do you know your neighbor?

We live next to each other, we talk all the time, we know each other, right? I put up a new board focusing on this. It’s a series of questions you must first answer yourself, and then put what you think the answers of your wing mates are. When I have all the answers together […]