Impromptu Wing Dinner

I stopped by the wing on my way to dinner Sunday night and was surprised to find a record number of doors open, which was two. I invited both rooms to join me for dinner so we had a group of five eat at Gwam. We had a good time talking and eating.


Friday Night Smash Bros

After VR, I picked up the circle projector and Ben hosted Super Smash Bros on his switch. At one point we had five people playing. I started out as Sonic and got quite the finger workout pressing down and B over and over again. I then switched to the Wii Fit Trainer and won a couple rounds by doing hard yoga poses and stretches over and over again.

Wing Meeting with VR

This past Friday, Dec. 7th I reserved the Virtual reality room in the Karrmann Library from 3:00 to 5:00. Since so many residents were interested, we decided to also make it our mandatory wing meeting. We had seven, including me which is 70% of the wing, come for information and fun. We all got plenty of exercise flying planes, progressing through dungeons, and rock out on the VR classic Beat Saber. We then went to dinner at the Haus and  talked about how raw chicken isn’t good for a persons health.

Virtual Reality at Midnight

Between rounds last night I was invited to witness Ben wrecking at Beat Saber on his HTC VIVE. He played “Through The Fire and Flames” on extreme+ and sped up, getting really far into the song. It was awesome to watch. While Tyler played some other songs, we talked about how much physical work it is. We also watched a video of a guy playing who was connected to a heart rate monitor and his pulse got up to 203 bpm. VR can be a great way to exercise.

The 5,000 Challange

Recently I had the privilege of learning from Josh about the 5,000 Challenge. Participants run a 5k, then lift 5,000lbs worth of something such as 50 curls with 100lbs, they then eat 5,000 calories worth of a single food of their choice, and finally run another 5k. They can’t be sick to their stomach or they lose and this has to be done within a four hour period. There has only been one winner so far. We ended up talking about the nutritional value of Gushers and if it would be reasonable to eat 5,000 calories. It definitely would not be healthy.