International Night Dinner

Thanks to the International Club on campus for putting on a wonderful evening. It was a night full of great culture, education, and fun. A group of us went and enjoyed all the unique cultural experiences, and had a chance to see several professors and friends represent there own cultures. Shout out to professor Louis […]

Breakfast Dinner, it’s a Thing

When you need a break from the homework and all the focus of school, taking it back can be a great relief. This Sunday for dinner we had breakfast. Pulling together different meals and foods we had we all enjoyed a great meal together. It was a fun time relaxing and hanging out, reducing the […]


The adventures of an incompetent wizard, a not so barbarian – barbarian king, and Onward!!! are all wrapped up in Journey Quest. This past Saturday evening ground floor took the plunge into this comedic world with pizza and warm room. The quotes will ring for days as we recall this epic. Thank you all for […]

Last Paragon HooRawh

This weekend was our last few games of Paragon. It is a sad thing to see such a great game that brought us so much fun together be shut down. Thank you to those who were able to join in on the last few games. Paragon has been something we can log on together and […]

Service Auction

Thank you to all who participated in Hugunin Hall’s Service Auction and Raffles. This year it was a great event and went of wonderfully. We did a great job getting money to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. The competition in the auction hadĀ its moments as well as the general enjoyment of the evening. […]

Scavenger Hunt FNC

This past Friday Hugunin Hall hosted the FNC. This scavenger hunt themed on St. Patrick’s Day was all that was needed to pull people together and have a fun evening. All you had to do was follow the “rainbow” or riddles till you got all of the final clue to the surprise, where an awesome […]

Is CO2 the Main Cause of Climate Change?

The topic of climate change is a big heated topic that science has various views and peoples opinions even more so. This makes it something to take careful consideration when looking at. As a wing we had a good conversation looking at the various views and looking at sciences factual evidence in its various forms. […]