What do you all like to do?

The final tallies for the Favorite Activity poll is counted and I find it interesting. You have great interests and that’s great. My only question is if there were extremely similar hand writing and pen usage or just multi voting for a single activity. either way its awesome that your feeling so strong about what […]

Study Room

As many have come to find my room has become a study place from when I get back from class to 4-5 depending on when people are done. I will continue to do keep this as its good for me to set study time but also having people near to ask and answer questions has […]

Bee versus Wasp

In our wing we have been having some bee problems at least that’s what we’ve been calling it. The annoying insects get in the rooms fly around stay in the windows and just remain unwelcomed. Thanks to you guys for being willing to combat them. From your ideas of bottles filled with sugar water (MT […]

Engineers Fix

When the vacuum cleaner fails you pull a second vacuum out of the closet, but when the second one fails you know you have a problem. This is what happened last week, we just wanted to vacuum the wing but it was more than that. After finding that both were having troubles, we called to arms, and […]

Resources on Campus

Who doesn’t like having help at your fingertips. On campus that is so true with all the various resources available to us. I posted a board up if you haven’t looked at it yet with just a few of them available. Some big ones are counseling services, there free and work hard for you with confidentiality. […]

Lions in the Jungle

Ground floor is really a unique community in Hugunin because there are no freshman on the little wing. I put up a board in the wing emphasizing this and what that means if you haven’t had a chance to look at it I suggest doing so. the main focus is that with all the experience […]

Night of Worship

It started with the realization a while ago that most churches don’t get together and join as one body. In an attempt to pull the community of Platteville together Night of worship was started. Its a night where people from various churches of all sorts come together under one roof and worship God through music and […]