University Symphony Orchestra and Wind Chamber Music

On a Friday night some nice relaxing music helps keep the mind of homework and the stress of life. Congrats to the university’s music departments orchestra and wind ensembles. They did a great job creating such wonderful music. Thanks to Richie for attending the concert with me and enjoying the atmosphere and relaxation. Advertisements

Logic Puzzles

How do you think? Not every one thinks the same way, one way to see this is by trying to tackle a logic puzzles. As a wing we did this, thanks Rob and Jacob for providing them. Sitting around trying to solve different puzzles, tackling problems in different ways you learn more about how you think […]

Waffles with a Professor

Thank you to K-12 house for hosting waffles with a professor. Special thanks to Dale Henze for coming and hanging out with us. It was a fun time hearing stories and having questions answered by someone who has experienced many of the things well be going into. Kody and I from ground floor made had […]

How well do you know your neighbor?

We live next to each other, we talk all the time, we know each other, right? I put up a new board focusing on this. It’s a series of questions you must first answer yourself, and then put what you think the answers of your wing mates are. When I have all the answers together […]


How often do you try new things? On ground floor its very often, for example, rambutan. When shopping we find strange fruit and bring it back for every one to try. Rambutan is a very interesting fruit with a crazy outside but inside is a delicious white fruit. This was a great chance to try […]

Pizza and Game

Last floor meeting we had a great time hanging out and relaxing a bit with pizza and the Packer game. Thanks Richie for helping make this happen. With great attendance from both ground and 4S it was a god turnout. We had ping pong and pizza as we waited for the game. Even though the […]

Alcohol Safety

On the wing we have had multiple chances to learn together about dealing with alcohol as the conversations have come up. Just to go over some of the things we have covered and to have a place to go to for a reminder, here is some of that material. The recovery position was explained and […]