Fortnite Friday (Part 2)

On Saturday night Noah, Josh, Lexi, and I continued our Fortnite progress from Friday, but lacked the same success. We were up until midnight again and, like the night before, I was still dying more than I was helping. It was still a fun night.


Fortnite Friday

Ground Floor kicked off the weekend with a round of Fortnite that lead to another round that lead to many more rounds which lasted until 11:45PM. Seth, Josh, Noah, Joe, and I walked away with several wins on “The Getaway” mode. One round went so well that we ended with multiple jewels.

Resources Bulletin Board

Come view my Resources board next to my room for some helpful on and off campus resources and their locations. Whether you need help with writing papers or a blue screen of death, my board can help point you in the right direction. For extra information and help scheduling appointments at some resources, talk to Tom in room 003