Yall got some new door dec! Alien door decs. Because I find all of you out of this world! Speaking of aliens and out of this world. Go watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, it’s groot. I mean, good.

It’s Lit


DID Y’ALL GET YOUR WEINIES ROASTED? No? CAUSE EVERONE ELSE DID! This past saturday at 9 p.m. Hugunin Hall had their annual bonfire where the residents could come outside and mingle!

Kooky Carnival

Hey Grounders,

This past weekend, Hugunin Hall’s Executive Hall Council Board hosted their first ever Kooky Carnival. Residents were able to play fun carnival games and win some awesome prizes!

Buffy the Life Saver

Hey Grounders,

We have a new board on our wing. AND IT IS FREAKIN BUFFY THEMED! Everyone loves Buffy the vampire Slayer. If someone tells you that they don’t, then they are liars! The Buffy gives you some important identity facts from the show that everyone should follow!

Poppin to Spring

Hey Grounders,

Remember how we have that board on 1N? No? YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE! It’s been updated. It has popcorn and Spring themed. It gives you some nice advice to make the best time during the Spring time!

Circle Smackdown

Hello Grounders,

This past Saturday we had our very first Circle Smackdown. Residents were encouraged to make a volleyball team that consisted with at least one faculty member here on campus. The actual event had four teams with FOUR different faculty members! People who watched or participated in the event got popcorn from Millennium Cinema!

Diversity Lounge set up

Hello Grounders,

You guys might have noticed that in the basement study lounge, there is several pictures of African-American people and women that have influenced us in our everyday lives. I hope you guys take a moment to look at them because the whole Hugunin staff spent a few hours setting it up for you guys. Seriously, there were so many paper cuts.