The adventures of an incompetent wizard, a not so barbarian – barbarian king, and Onward!!! are all wrapped up in Journey Quest. This past Saturday evening ground floor took the plunge into this comedic world with pizza and warm room. The quotes will ring for days as we recall this epic. Thank you all for […]

Scavenger Hunt FNC

This past Friday Hugunin Hall hosted the FNC. This scavenger hunt themed on St. Patrick’s Day was all that was needed to pull people together and have a fun evening. All you had to do was follow the “rainbow” or riddles till you got all of the final clue to the surprise, where an awesome […]

PIZZA Mmmmmm

Who doesn’t love pizza? I love pizza, you love pizza, we all love pizza… for the most part. When there is lots of pizza in a room, people tend to appear out of nowhere, its magic. This is what happened last weekend on ground floor. we ordered some delicious pies and every one came from […]

Black Panther

This Sunday we say the Black Panther movie. It’s a great movie with great conversation that followed. Either talking about the black pride or simply the Marvel cinematic universe aspect, the movie was great fun and brought much to the table. Thank you from ground floor, and Alex R for joining us again. Nice time […]

Super Bowl Sunday

The season has wrapped up and all the pending victories and defeats led up to this big game. Ground floor got together in the conference room to partake in the adventure of a game it was. Thanks again to Richie H. for allowing the use of his projector and setting it up. In between the […]

Quip Lash

Laughter is the best remedy for a Friday night. Quip lash a fun party game that gave this to us. Thanks to Luke Kunze for being willing to allow us to use his game. We filled up the conference room, put the game on a projector (Thanks to Richie), and enjoyed the evening. Another great […]

Psych Night

Who doesn’t love a good mystery, and to make them better when you get to laugh your way through them. That’s what the show psych is, comedy and mystery in an intricate bundle of fun. On ground floor we have discovered or rediscovered this great show. Watching and laughing together, its a fun time. Thanks […]