How often do you try new things? On ground floor its very often, for example, rambutan. When shopping we find strange fruit and bring it back for every one to try. Rambutan is a very interesting fruit with a crazy outside but inside is a delicious white fruit. This was a great chance to try […]

Halloween Party

Halloween is one those unique times where you can dress up as something different and try on a new skin.  Be sure to use this time to think about stepping into the shoes of someone whos you wouldn’t normally fit into. One way doing this is getting together in costume, expressing our individuality and seeing differences […]

Diversity Lounge set up

Hello Grounders, You guys might have noticed that in the basement study lounge, there is several pictures of African-American people and women that have influenced us in our everyday lives. I hope you guys take a moment to look at them because the whole Hugunin staff spent a few hours setting it up for you […]


Hello Grounders, Welcome back! For our small board in our hall, I decided to put a gumball machine on there with various different gumballs on there.  As you noticed, every gumball is a different color and inside the gumball machine are 10 gumballs. Each of the different color gumballs represents ourselves. How each of us […]