Diversity Lounge set up

Hello Grounders,

You guys might have noticed that in the basement study lounge, there is several pictures of African-American people and women that have influenced us in our everyday lives. I hope you guys take a moment to look at them because the whole Hugunin staff spent a few hours setting it up for you guys. Seriously, there were so many paper cuts. 


Hello Grounders,

Welcome back! For our small board in our hall, I decided to put a gumball machine on there with various different gumballs on there. 

As you noticed, every gumball is a different color and inside the gumball machine are 10 gumballs. Each of the different color gumballs represents ourselves. How each of us are different. It represents that we come from different backgrounds and life experiences. That even though we are different colors we are a part of the gumball machine. The gumball machine being Hugunin Ground floor!