Service Auction

Thank you to all who participated in Hugunin Hall’s Service Auction and Raffles. This year it was a great event and went of wonderfully. We did a great job getting money to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. The competition in the auction hadĀ its moments as well as the general enjoyment of the evening. […]

Lamarr Womble: United We Stand

The United We Stand lecture series has brought to us another speaker this past Sunday. Lamarr Womble, a motivational speaker with a message generally brought to high schools. He came with his message tweaked for college and a heart to follow. His message, don’t let your dreams be differed. Follow through with your dreams and […]

Be the Salt and Light

A new board is up and finished. Take a look and ponder the questions. Salt in history has had deep meaning as well as light, take the next step and look at the questions posted and evaluate yourself. The main point is there is potential in all of us to be good in the world […]

How well do you know your neighbor?

We live next to each other, we talk all the time, we know each other, right? I put up a new board focusing on this. It’s a series of questions you must first answer yourself, and then put what you think the answers of your wing mates are. When I have all the answers together […]

Variety Show Homecoming

Amongst the final events for homecoming this year was 101 ways to dance to Shakira. Other wise known as the Variety Show Lip Sync Edition. Thank you to all the halls and groups on campus who participated to make it a great entertaining event. Special thanks to the gentlemen from Hugunin, Zeke and Bryan who […]

Who likes werewolves?

when you only have one night to determine who is the werewolf the debates get interesting, who is lying who is telling the truth. One night ultimate werewolf was a great game to play on an evening where your just twiddling you fingers. That’s what we did on ground floor a few nights ago. Learning […]

Night of Worship

It started with theĀ realization a while ago that most churches don’t get together and join as one body. In an attempt to pull the community of Platteville together Night of worship was started. Its a night where people from various churches of all sorts come together under one roof and worship God through music and […]