Clarity Clinic and Human Slavery

Special thanks to Clarity Clinic for helping host Wednesdays human trafficking presentation. It’s a hard situation and reality that we deal with. Every county in Wisconsin has reported having cases. The presentation went over information on the prevalence of human trafficking and what our role is in this. Being aware and saying something when certain […]

Do you Know Catholicism

When you don’t know something, ask. The Catholic Newman Center provided an opportunity for those who were curious. The had pizza and a panel of people who were able to answer questions people posed about the Catholic faith. It was a unique experience and wonderful chance to learn. Thank you to the Newman Center for putting […]

The Diversity Lounge

Hugunin hall hosted the diversity lounge in the basement study room, this week. The room had the wall filled with impactful people from varying backgrounds representing the African American and female communities, as well as a video that accompanied them. It was a great chance to learn some history and dive into a realm unknown. […]

Valentines Day Board

The new board is up. Valentines day has a rich history that it is good to know. When the big day comes up you can use this little bit of knowledge to impress your date. For the rest enjoy the information for self enriching. Take a look and compare what you know and what history has […]

Logic Puzzles

How do you think? Not every one thinks the same way, one way to see this is by trying to tackle a logic puzzles. As a wing we did this, thanks Rob and Jacob for providing them. Sitting around trying to solve different puzzles, tackling problems in different ways you learn more about how you think […]

Study Room

As many have come to find my room has become a study place from when I get back from class to 4-5 depending on when people are done. I will continue to do keep this as its good for me to set study time but also having people near to ask and answer questions has […]

Poppin to Spring

Hey Grounders, Remember how we have that board on 1N? No? YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE! It’s been updated. It has popcorn and Spring themed. It gives you some nice advice to make the best time during the Spring time!