The Newlywed Game

Hello Grounders,

This past Friday was Friday Night Club. Which Porter presented game night! There were lots of different games that residents could have participated. I was honored that I was able to whoop a couple of you guys butts in the newlywed, especially when you were playing with your significant other and I was playing with a friend. #Awkward.

Mask Door-Decs!

Hello Grounders,

As you may have noticed you guys have new door decs. I decided to do superheroes mask because y’all are superheroes in my eyes. I tried to give everyone a different mask. Each mask is unique and one of a kind.




I decided to turn that hideous cubbie space that we have into an informational take a condom spot.

Along with decorating the whole cubbie with Star Wars themed paper, I also put some funny images of actual condoms that exist and some information on condoms. Their usage and some stats about condoms.

I also decided to pair the overnight guest forms with the condoms cause well….Sometimes they go hand in hand. And that’s ok.