What do you all like to do?

The final tallies for the Favorite Activity poll is counted and I find it interesting. You have great interests and that’s great. My only question is if there were extremely similar hand writing and pen usage or just multi voting for a single activity. either way its awesome that your feeling so strong about what […]

Bee versus Wasp

In our wing we have been having some bee problems at least that’s what we’ve been calling it. The annoying insects get in the rooms fly around stay in the windows and just remain unwelcomed. Thanks to you guys for being willing to combat them. From your ideas of bottles filled with sugar water (MT […]

Engineers Fix

When the vacuum cleaner fails you pull a second vacuum out of the closet, but when the second one fails you know you have a problem. This is what happened last week, we just wanted to vacuum the wing but it was more than that. After finding that both were having troubles, we called to arms, and […]


Grounders, Did you see that fancy board about tattoos that I have up? It talks about the different cultures that use tattoos as a form of expression. And how each tattoo has a different meaning to different people.


Hello Grounders, Hope you guys enjoyed your latest door decs that we got. I chose to put up Woodstock door decs. You know, that one bird from Charlie Brown. 

The Newlywed Game

Hello Grounders, This past Friday was Friday Night Club. Which Porter presented game night! There were lots of different games that residents could have participated. I was honored that I was able to whoop a couple of you guys butts in the newlywed, especially when you were playing with your significant other and I was […]


Grounders, As you noticed you guys got bunnies! I thought it was a fun way to get some of that Spring feeling inside the wing!