Free Food and Fun

Thanks to Intervarsity for hosting a get together off campus with food, fun, and socialization. Personally, I love pulled pork, that makes me a happy camper. However, topping it off is having people I know from the wing mix with new people from other halls and off campus, all stepping out of our comfort zones and […]

The Big M

Friday night a bunch of us from ground floor and other wings pilled into cars and went up to the M for a fun evening. With shortness of breath from walking up all the steps combined with laughter as your joking around its easy to realize that these are the memorable moments of college. I know […]

Grill and Chill

The circle did it again with the Grill and Chill this past Monday. A full event right in the circle complete with yard games, DJ, food, and slip and slide. It was a great chance to start of the semester being active and socializing all at once. Thanks to Hugunin, Pickard, and Brockert Halls for […]

Light up the sky

What happens when you take a giant crowd of people, give them glowing sticks in the dark, and tell them to wave them around like crazy? You get Glow Campus of course. Glow Campus was a big turn out for the welcome weekend festivities. With a great DJ, epic lights, and funky dancing it was […]


Picnic in the park is a thing of the past, Bridgefest has taken over. It was a great time hanging out playing games and learning about campus clubs and activities Thanks to those who went and took part supporting your clubs and made it a great chance for newcomers to get to know what’s on […]

Walking Highlighters?

This last weekend was a crazy entrance of all the students on campus and here is a huge shoutout to all those who came in early to help with this. I just wanted to give a special thanks to those of you from ground floor who worked hard to help move in freshman and returners, you […]


Grounders, Did you see that fancy board about tattoos that I have up? It talks about the different cultures that use tattoos as a form of expression. And how each tattoo has a different meaning to different people.