How often do you try new things? On ground floor its very often, for example, rambutan. When shopping we find strange fruit and bring it back for every one to try. Rambutan is a very interesting fruit with a crazy outside but inside is a delicious white fruit. This was a great chance to try […]

Pizza and Game

Last floor meeting we had a great time hanging out and relaxing a bit with pizza and the Packer game. Thanks Richie for helping make this happen. With great attendance from both ground and 4S it was a god turnout. We had ping pong and pizza as we waited for the game. Even though the […]

Alcohol Safety

On the wing we have had multiple chances to learn together about dealing with alcohol as the conversations have come up. Just to go over some of the things we have covered and to have a place to go to for a reminder, here is some of that material. The recovery position was explained and […]

Soccer Game

Last week the Men’s soccer team played against Wartburg ending with a solid tie after two overtimes. On this cold evening we endured together cheering on our team as they warred over that ball. Thank you to Alex W. for caring so much about this game and allowing us to join. With my petty questions […]

Halloween Party

Halloween is one those unique times where you can dress up as something different and try on a new skin.  Be sure to use this time to think about stepping into the shoes of someone whos you wouldn’t normally fit into. One way doing this is getting together in costume, expressing our individuality and seeing differences […]

Intentional Prayer

On a Friday with most people gone the building was quiet. This was a perfect time to relax take that extra quiet time and distress and focus. Last Friday afternoon was a quiet time set aside in the conference room in the Hugunin basement for prayer and meditation. Several residents from ground floor, Hugunin in general, […]

Variety Show Homecoming

Amongst the final events for homecoming this year was 101 ways to dance to Shakira. Other wise known as the Variety Show Lip Sync Edition. Thank you to all the halls and groups on campus who participated to make it a great entertaining event. Special thanks to the gentlemen from Hugunin, Zeke and Bryan who […]