PIZZA Mmmmmm

Who doesn’t love pizza? I love pizza, you love pizza, we all love pizza… for the most part. When there is lots of pizza in a room, people tend to appear out of nowhere, its magic. This is what happened last weekend on ground floor. we ordered some delicious pies and every one came from […]

Clarity Clinic and Human Slavery

Special thanks to Clarity Clinic for helping host Wednesdays human trafficking presentation. It’s a hard situation and reality that we deal with. Every county in Wisconsin has reported having cases. The presentation went over information on the prevalence of human trafficking and what our role is in this. Being aware and saying something when certain […]

Do you Know Catholicism

When you don’t know something, ask. The Catholic Newman Center provided an opportunity for those who were curious. The had pizza¬†and a panel of people who were able to answer questions people posed about the Catholic faith. It was a unique experience and wonderful chance to learn. Thank you to the Newman Center for putting […]

The Diversity Lounge

Hugunin hall hosted the diversity lounge in the basement study room, this week. The room had the wall filled with impactful people from varying backgrounds representing the African American and female communities, as well as a video that accompanied them. It was a great chance to learn some history and dive into a realm unknown. […]

Black Panther

This Sunday we say the Black Panther movie. It’s a great movie with great conversation that followed. Either talking about the black pride or simply the Marvel cinematic universe aspect, the movie was great fun and brought much to the table. Thank you from ground floor, and Alex R for joining us again. Nice time […]

See Something Say Something

Thank you to all the gentleman on ground floor for being respectful during our last wing meeting. Talking about hard topics such as race can be uncomfortable. Your respect was appreciated, and after the meeting you conversations was appreciated. As we talked about after the meeting, if you see something, say something. Standing up to […]

Lamarr Womble: United We Stand

The United We Stand lecture series has brought to us another speaker this past Sunday. Lamarr Womble, a motivational speaker with a message generally brought to high schools. He came with his message tweaked for college and a heart to follow. His message, don’t let your dreams be differed. Follow through with your dreams and […]